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FRUK Automation

Overwriting other files may result in lost templates and song data.

Last Updated: 26-Apr-2005 (2.00.14)
Here is the software you probably came for, FRUK Automation. We stress that this download is provided as a quick devlopment release as we had so many requests to get the software out.
Please read the readme through and if you still have problems we are able to help for a price.

How exciting, after around a year of not a lot (there had been a few mods since then but not been released to the public) there is a new version 2.00.14.
Here is whats new:
- Forced the real player volume to max as a default install of real is only half volume.
- Found that I had put in code to stop external connections! Starting fruk.exe from command line with
“/NOTCP” will mean your automation software is locked from accepting connections!
- Added a new inclusion method – Javascript for people who do not have “active” servers.
Use: http://machinename:902/js_currentsong – see above for the code to use in a page.
- Added the option to change what the charts are run against.
- Stopped missing songs causing a missing entry in the charts!
- Stopped the non “fade on overlap” from chopping off what is playing.. it will now start the next track
and let the previous track finish on its own.
- Added the option to schedule the charts :)
See the readme documentation for information on the new functions.

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